Announcing Identity Websites: A donations based web design company.

I am honored to announce the creation of a new web design company that seeks to provide the best possible web design and development services to all people who could benefit from having a professional, awesome website.

Identity Websites provides a full range of online media services to help people connect with the online world. We believe that success in life and work is all about how we communicate with one another. We want to help people share who they are and what they do in order to build relationships with those who would enjoy, benefit and share what you do.

We believe our world needs more trust and generosity. So we’ve created a business model that we think does that. We will provide our work and services to you as a free gift, trusting you to give back any amount you believe is a fair value. We understand that some are able to give more than others, but we never want money to be a barrier between our ability to serve you, and your ability to succeed through the services and products we provide.

We do have costs associated with providing our services such as hosting and support. In order to cover our costs, we do ask for a $50 donation every 3 months from our clients for us to continue providing the best services possible.

If you need a website, let’s get started.


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