Hi! I’m Bennett. I am a web developer and founder of Identity Websites.

I worked as a web media consultant in the corporate world until 2010. At the time, I was deeply questioning my life and the impact I wanted to have in the world. I began learning to build websites after graduating high school in 2005. I loved the way that designing websites for ideas I had enabled my ideas to grow through visualization. I also loved how after I had created a website, I was able to share it with the world which has lead to many friendships, clients and connections that have enabled me to do many incredible things.

I spent 4 years working as web developer and media consultant for corporations, but I didn’t feel fulfilled in the way that I worked. I felt that I was simply working for the paycheck, rather than the joy of providing a valuable service to people. I wanted to see if trust and generosity could actually work as a model for business, because these were two qualities I believe our world greatly needs.

In 2010, I left my job at one of the largest book publishers in the USA to start providing my skills and services to people as a free gift, trusting my clients to give back the amount they believe is a fair value for the work I produce. It hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had to simplify my lifestyle and reduce my own needs, which has been a very freeing process. I have also experienced so much joy in the professional relationships I have with my clients that I can’t imagine doing business any other way. I realize this way of doing business isn’t for everyone, but this “freely give; freely receive” idea is one that I have found to be most rewarding.

I am committed to providing the best service possible to every client, regardless of how much they can afford to pay me for my work. I believe that as I help others succeed, their success will be returned to me as we work and grow our vision for life, business and work together.

Please contact me if you need a website or help with using technology to connect with the online world.

Bennett Raines